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That's the one word that most of my couples want their wedding to feel like. My style is to collaborate closely with you to create an event that entertains AND has an amazing soundtrack. If we can touch guests in clever ways before the dancing ever begins, your danceparty will rock, I promise! I'd love to share some amazing examples of how we entertain.

Music creates emotion.
You choose all of your important song selections.
Imagine planning your wedding day into sections. Guests Arrival. Cocktail Hour. Dinner. The Danceparty.
I LOVE your input on each. I WANT your input on each. It NEEDS to feel like you both.

The way to a super successful event is through great planning.
We provide you the tools, music resources, photobooth samples and so much more. form can allow us the info that a planning session will. 'When was your first date...'
'Who RSVP'd first to your wedding...'  'Who travelled to celebrate with you...'   'Who is the longest married couple...'   You get the idea! We love to share your story by touching your guests in unique ways.

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