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My love of music started with my parents. When I was about 7 years old, my parents used to send me upstairs with stacks of records, and I would play music for hours while they danced in the living room. I was hooked from then on! I truly love watching people have a great time by entertaining them. Once I reached 13, I started mowing yards to save money to purchase more and more records. By the time I was 16 , I purchased two turntables and began to learn how to mix music. I now do all of my DJ’ing digitally, but still have my record collection. Music has always been my passion.

As I’ve evolved as a DJ, what’s become equally important is telling the story of my couples through laughter, tears and music. The art of entertaining guests is what has elevated my business more than anything else.

I now live in Katy, TX, am happily married and have two beautiful daughters.

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